Medical Mission to Honduras

Both big and little Dr. Fahy recently returned from a week in Sula, Honduras, serving as part of a medical mission team with Evagelistic International Ministries.

The country is a mix of natural beauty and extreme poverty. The patients we cared for were very appreciative of the medical care they received.

Here are some glimpses of our experience:

Patients come to be seen and have their surgery on the very day that they are first seen (literally, "same day" surgery). They wait for hours on empty stomachs for remedies to ailments that they have lived with for months to years.

Although many aspects of care have been modernized, some of the equipment is outdated and in disrepair. In addition, the working up of patients and the layout are much different than in the U.S. There is much less privacy than we are used to in our medical facilities.

Harrison enjoyed working with other students (Kate, David, Allison, and Kristina).


Harper finds a home....

We got a new puppy!
But first things first.  Please pray for sweet Emily.  On 1/23/09 Emily will be undergoing a procedure in Birmingham to close a small, persistent blood vessel that usually closes at birth.  The problem is called a PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriosus), and the procedure involves running a small catheter up through the artery in her leg to the problem vessel and then closing it with a very small coil.

So please join us in prayer for an effective, uncomplicated procedure with a quick recovery.  We love Emily so much.  She has been entrusted to us by The Lord, and we want only His best for her! 

This past weekend we added Harper to our family.  He is a sweet little Golden-Doodle, and he has already grafted into our organized chaos.

Our dear friends from Norfolk Virginia, The McCormicks, flew in and got their new puppy, Scout.  He's a Schnoodle.  The two of them played so well together.  Parting is such sweet sorrow...

This is a picture of Christine before her trip to the psychiatrist....


Christmas and New Years with Emily!!!

Just like most of you, Christmas at our home is an incredibly joyous and busy time!!  We were especially joyful this season with the addition of sweet Emily to our Christmas and New Years celebrations.

Emily was as excited as can be on Christmas morning.  We celebrated the birth of our Savior and Lord with gift giving, feasting, and a birthday cake for Jesus later that day.  Although the events of the day may have been a bit confusing for Emily, she was full of excitement, and she has really come to love blowing out birthday candles.

After Christmas, we packed up and traveled to Naples, Florida to visit "Nan" and "Papa George".  We had a great time visiting with Nan at her place on Gulf Shore Boulevard.  We went to the beach during the day, swam in the pool, and returned to the beach on New Year's Eve to watch the fireworks.

The girls loved staying in hotels during our travels, while the boys enjoyed staying at their Papa George's home in Huntington Lakes.  We celebrated Papa George's 76th birthday, and, once again, Emily enjoyed blowing out the candles....

Another very fun part of our trip was the day at The Naples Waterpark. Everyone had a great time swimming in the many pools and going down the various waterslides!!  Emily loves to swim and relax in sun.  Needless to say, her late grandmother "Mimi" would be very proud!